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Top 3 haunted places to visit in Tennessee

Posted on 25 November 2017 by admin (0)

Tennesee, a place full of music, rock and roll and blues. This state offers a lot to do on a vacation trip, from blues concerts, bars, and a great nightlife, to historic buildings and museums. But if you are looking for something much more exciting and maybe even scary, you can find lots of haunted places to visit while you are in Tennessee.

Carnton Mansion

This mansion is one of the most haunted places in Tennesee, specifically in the Williamson County. Many people say that you can see the ghost of a soldier walking on the balcony while the employees of the place state that it’s closed and no one gets access to the terrace. Apparitions like the woman in white seen on the back porch, sounds of heavy boots on the fields, and kids playing tricks to visitors on the graveyard are some of the examples that you may come close to if you ever dare to enter this place.

Union Station Hotel

Originally built in 1900, the Union Station building was an engineering marvel of the days. The station became a 4 stars luxury hotel in 1986, but many tragic stories took place inside its walls and some of those memories still alive. An apparition of a man staring at the railroads on the balcony of the third floor, spooky voices and noises coming out of nowhere, and the apparition of a white shadow on the lobby and other areas give you an idea about the place that seems to have lots of friendly paranormal activity.

Tennessee State Prison

Closed in 1992, this 19th-century prison saw many riots, fires, and prison breaks. People say that the spirits of the ones who died in the place stayed to these days. Tales of unexplained sounds, footsteps in the winter and shadows moving across the rooms are some examples of the activity that happens inside of this place.

These are just some of the places that you may visit if you are a paranormal activity hunter, but there’s more! Places like Loretta Lynn Ranch in Thompsons Station TN, the Historic Tower House Inn in Manchester, TN and many others may also be of interest to you. Have a great adventure!